Large Bud Vase


Lovely and curvy, this bottle vase is all about form and contrast.  Its narrow neck would perfectly suit a single stem and is just wide enough to acommadate the thicker stem of a gerbera for an added splash of contrasting colour.  But it also suits the simple monochrome colour palette it is created in!

Height – 200mm
Diameter (widest) – 100mm

NOTE: for full disclosure, there is a tiny spot on the rim where a larger piece of mussel shell must have been.  It’s left a very small (but quite visible) dark spot on the rim.  There is a picture in the gallery showing this.  The vase will still be 100% watertight, and it is only cosmetic.  Just so you know!!

It’s glazed in Mussel Shoals, a beautiful semi-gloss white glaze with cream/translucent flecks.  These flecks are what gives the glaze it’s name as they are made by incorporating locally collected mussel shells, ground up and mixed into the glaze formula that I developed from scratch.  I know it sounds silly, but the glaze has a very textural ‘softness’ to it which I just adore and I hope you do too.

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