Couple of reasons really…

Firstly, my passion is to be creative and explore both my ability and the possibilities of the clay and glazes.  I don’t want to get stuck in a rut of making 100’s of any one item just yet.  I’m sure that time will come, but for now, I’m loving the play time!

Secondly, I really love the idea that each piece is unique and that the piece I ship to you, is different to any other piece anyone else has.  This makes it special and a bit more personal.  To be honest, I do still actually get attached to pieces and it’s hard to let them go because I know that I’ll never make another just like it.  But then, there’s only so much space in a potters house for special pieces, and I’d rather share them with you anyway!


What tends to cause problems with ceramics in microwaves is when the ceramic itself absorbs water.  In the microwave, this water heats up and makes the piece extremely hot to handle.  My ceramics are fired to stoneware temperatures and as such are very non-absorbant, so microwaves will not be an issue.

Yes.  Dishwasher detergents will always be more aggressive than washing up liquid however, so you might want to hand wash your piece.  Having said that, I hate washing up, so my mugs always go in the dishwasher in my house!

Short answer yes, but protect special surfaces just to be sure!

Long answer…
All of my ceramics are fired to stoneware temperatures, meaning that the clay itself is essentially impervious to water (it will only absorb around 1-3% of it’s weight in water over 24 hrs).  So even if there is no glaze on the piece it won’t leak but might get slightly damp.  However, the glaze is essentially a layer of glass coating the piece on the inside, giving you that extra assurance.  But with everything handmade, tiny imperfections can exist.  So I recommend protecting surfaces with a dish or coaster if the piece will be sitting liquid filled for days or weeks (as in flower vases).  It’s just to be triple safe!

Short answer – no, not really.

This is my side hustle and I’m not a shipping expert.  At the minute, I don’t want to risk the potential damage and import duties.  Having said that, if you’re dead keen, drop me a line and I’ll see what we can sort out.

Cards on the table – I’m new to this and this is very much my side hustle.  I will do my level best to get your parcel in the post to you within 24 hours of you placing your order.  However, there may be times when the day job prevents this.  I’m not Amazon after all!  If you require your piece before a specific day, please make sure you specify this in the delivery notes section of the checkout.

Every piece is different and I haven’t settled on a set of forms that I’ll make 100’s of yet.  Having said that, if you see something you like in the ‘Previous Work’ section, do drop me a line and I’ll make something similar.  You can even specify ‘this shape, with this different glaze’ as long as it’s one that I feature one the site.

I don’t do special commissions unfortunately.  The amount of time it takes to develop a new shape and make sure it works visually, technically and ergonomically would mean that the piece would cost a fortune! 

Pinholes in the glaze, the odd place where my fingernail caught the clay before it dried, small bare patches in the glaze…

These are all things that can and do happen with handmade ceramics, and for me they all add a bit of character to the piece.  I do not sell what I consider to be seconds, but I do sell pieces with these tiny and insignificant ‘flaws’.  They will not affect the usefulness of the piece at all.

However, I certainly do appreciate that we all have a different understanding of what is a flaw and what adds character.  If you are at all disappointed in the piece when you receive it, please let me know and I will arrange a return and refund for you, no questions asked.