Lonn Landis

Something about me just has a need to make things.  It’s always been there, just more un-ignorable at times.  This is one of those times.

Ceramics has rapidly become a big part of my life.  I do have a demanding job in the digital industry, so ceramics is still a side hustle for me.  But it’s a massively addictive passion!


Made on the Wirral, from the Wirral

I am trying more and more to include at least an element of the local environment in my work.  For example, my white ‘Mussel shoals’ glaze includes mussel shell fragments collected from Wirral beaches.  I’m also experimenting with clay dug straight from the ground here on the Wirral.  Admittedly, local materials only form a small part of my work now, but I’m keen to keep developing this.

Respect for the planet

I try, as much as possible, to minimise the impact of my work on the environment.  My ceramics are fired in an electric kiln, powered (as much as possible) by solar panels and when the sun isn’t shining, I fire off-peak overnight (when demand on the grid is low) on a 100% green energy tariff.  And all of my packaging materials are recyclable and might actually be being re-used when you get them!

Made by me

I love to have complete control over the making process, so everything is made with my hands – I even make my own glazes from scratch, and develop my own glaze recipes.  From raw materials to the time you touch the piece the first time – only my hands will have touched it before!

Imperfectly perfect

Handmade is all about seeing the hand of the maker in the piece.  So you’ll see the throwing lines, fingerprints, and various other imperfections in my work – it’s not mass produced!  I think it’s all part of the piece.  If you’re disappointed with any of these idiosyncrasies when you receive your piece, let me know and I’ll gladly accept your return and provide a refund.

In it for the creativity

I love being creative, and not just making the same piece over and over again.  That time may come but for now I love to play and experiment!  That means that every piece I sell is genuinely a one-off piece.  No one else has one like it!


Side Hustle

I only have a limited time I can spend making work, because it’s not my full time job.  This means I will only add new products to the website in small batches and relatively infrequently.  So do keep an eye on the website and follow me on Instagram to get the latest heads up on new work coming out of the kiln.