Bud Vase #13


Dark chocolate clay with Aegean Turquoise glaze – it’s a great combination!  On this dark clay, the runny turquoise glaze goes quite transparent where it runs thin, building up the colour as it flows down the form, finishing in a bright, rich, drip ring just below the shoulder of the vase.  And as a added bonus, the glaze has developed a lovely crackle as well!

This piece is glazed in Aegean Turquoise. It’s a wonderfully flowy glaze that occasionally flows right off the piece!  As it flows it creates lovely rivulets in various shades of vibrant turquoise.  Where it leaves the glaze thin it’s transparent, whereas at the bottom of the flow it leave a thick drip which is rich and bright.  I love the way this works against a tan clay body as the combination is so reminiscent of warm blue seas lapping Sandy beaches on summer holidays! 

Height – 180mm
Diameter – 100mm

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