Small Vase #6


Believe it or not, this is the first piece I’ve ever glazed with this glaze.  And wow, what a result!  I love the contrast of the colour against the dark clay body and the way the glaze forms the drip ring around this little ball of a vase.  I’ll deffo be making up bigger batches of this glaze for adding to new work.  And the vase itself – well that would make a great complement to a yellow or red bloom or two!

This piece is glazed in Moroccan Blue.  A lovely deep, rich, vibrant blue glaze which is wonderfully flowy.  As it flows and runs it leaves lots of tiny mottled pools of lighter blue giving the glaze real interest.  You can’t help but pick the piece up for a closer look!  Where the glaze stops flowing, it solidifies in a thick drip ring, or occasionally runny drips.

Height – 90mm
Diameter –110mm

In stock

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