Medium Vase #3

This vase is simple and stylish in shape, and has come alive through the glaze.  Two layers of Blue Mist glaze play over the surface of this vase.  The first dip of the glaze has gone on thinly resulting in a slightly deeper richer light blue.  The second dip on the top of the vase has a subtle interplay of tans and lighter blues and where the tow layers meet there is the trademark tan tide line.  And all of this is punctuated with tiny black flecks coming through from the clay body that have in turn started to run, creating tiny streaks.

The piece is glazed in Blue Mist, one of my favourite glazes!  In the extreme heat of the kiln, this glaze flows as it melts, creating streaks, rivulets and flow lines.  Where it flows away, leaving only a thin layer it becomes transparent.  Where it’s thick, it’s a stunning baby blue with a mottling and occasional dark blue streaks in the colour that really draws you in.  Where one layer flows over another it leaves a gorgeous tan tide line.  Can you tell it’s one of my favourites?!?!

Height – 168mm
Diameter – 110mm at its widest

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