Large Bud Vase


What can you say about this lovely jug vase?!?!  It’s a moment frozen in time!  You can just imagine the pot glowing white hot in the kiln while the glaze melts and flows down – but not too much!  Then the max temp is reached, the kiln shuts off and cools down quickly and the glaze freezes (if you can call it that at 1200ºC!) into place leaving a colourful, thick, drippy flow line just around the shoulder of the pot.  You can do your best to control this but at the end of the day, it’s up to the kiln gods and today – they were smiling!

NOTE: Full disclosure – there is a slightly darkened patch on the bare clay were some of the gasses coming off one of the other pots discoloured the clay.  It’s subtle, but it’s there (shown in one of the gallery images).  I actually really like it, but it wasn’t intentional.  It doesn’t harm the pot in any way and it can be tucked out of the way facing the wall if you don’t like it.  See – kiln gods giveth and they taketh away in the same firing sometimes!

This piece is glazed in Aegean Turquoise. It’s a wonderfully flowy glaze that occasionally flows right off the piece!  As it flows it creates lovely rivulets in various shades of vibrant turquoise.  Where it leaves the glaze thin it’s transparent, whereas at the bottom of the flow it leave a thick drip which is rich and bright.  I love the way this works against a tan clay body as the combination is so reminiscent of warm blue seas lapping Sandy beaches on summer holidays! 

Height – 175mm
Diameter – 105mm

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