Large Vase

Disaster wonderfully averted!!  Just look at the drips on this vase!  One more centimetre and the drip runs off the vase gluing it to the shelf and ruining both!  As it is – glorious!!  And the drips are so wonderfully 3-dimensional too.  You really get a sense of the flow of the glaze at peak temp.

Note:  Because the drips on this vase ARE so 3D, it makes them a bit more prone to damage and being knocked off.  Best keep this one high up on a shelf away from wagging dog tails and curious children.  But honsetly – it’s worth the risk.

This piece is glazed in Moroccan Blue.  A lovely deep, rich, vibrant blue glaze which is wonderfully flowy.  As it flows and runs it leaves lots of tiny mottled pools of lighter blue giving the glaze real interest.  You can’t help but pick the piece up for a closer look!  Where the glaze stops flowing, it solidifies in a thick drip ring, or occasionally runny drips.

Height – 170mm
Diameter (Rim) – 115mm
Diameter (Base) – 88mm