Large Vase


Playing with proportion on this one.  I like to play with forms that are definitely recognisable, but slightly unusual in some way.  This one is intentionally a bit more ‘top-heavy’ than you would expect, but I think the proportions work rather nicely – hopefully you do too!  The Blue Mist glaze has been particularly successful on this piece as the ‘drips’ from the 2nd coat accentuate the waist of the vessel really well.

The piece is glazed in Blue Mist, one of my favourite glazes!  In the extreme heat of the kiln, this glaze flows as it melts, creating streaks, rivulets and flow lines.  Where it flows away, leaving only a thin layer it becomes transparent.  Where it’s thick, it’s a stunning baby blue with a mottling and occasional dark blue streaks in the colour that really draws you in.  Where one layer flows over another it leaves a gorgeous tan tide line.  Can you tell it’s one of my favourites?!?!

Height – 170mm
Diameter (Rim) – 128mm
Diameter (base) – 97mm


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