Medium Vase #4

A vase of contrasts!  Solid dark brown clay body, cloaked in white glaze speckled with translucent flecks.  The ultra smooth texture of the clay juxtaposed to the soft textural feel of the glaze.  Opposites really do complement each other well here.  And the neutral colour palette would really set of a colourful bunch of short stemmed flowers.

It’s glazed in Mussel Shoals, a beautiful semi-gloss white glaze with cream/translucent flecks.  These flecks are what gives the glaze it’s name as they are made by incorporating locally collected mussel shells, ground up and mixed into the glaze formula that I developed from scratch.  I know it sounds silly, but the glaze has a very textural ‘softness’ to it which I just adore and I hope you do too.

Height – 133mm
Diameter – 114mm at the top


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