Small Vase #3

A classic sort of urn shape with a trumpeted neck that’s slightly wider than you might expect.  While the shape is great, what really sets this piece off is the way the glaze has run on the inside and outside of the neck.  This is perhaps one of the better examples of the range of colours that this one glaze, Floating Blue, can create in the right conditions.  Browns, denims, deep blues and creamy whites all layered to give a real sense of depth to the glaze.

This piece is glazed in Floating Blue.  This glaze reminds me of Van Gogh’s starry night or the Milky Way on a very clear night.  This glaze comes alive in the heat of the kiln.  Believe it or not, when applied it’s a sort of rusty red colour!  But with temperatures of 1200 deg C the glaze melts and flows and develops wonderful layers of colour!  In places where it is applied thinly or runs away it turns a rich transparent brown.  Where a bit thicker, it goes deep vibrant blue or even black.  And where it is thickest or at the edge of drips, it develops clouds of white.  There really is an incredible depth to this glaze that shows off the flowy nature of the glaze.

Height – 120mm
Diameter – 102mm