Medium Bud Vase


One – single – drip!!!  That’s what this piece is all about.  Why did it only drip in one place?  Who knows, but it makes the piece unique and special!  If you like the drip put it to the front for all to see.  If not, spin it ’round and hide it at the back – the other sides are just as nice!  Love it when these drips happen like this!!

NOTE: The drip itself will be reasonably fragile and easy to knock off.  So care while handling, and keeping out of reach of children and pets is recommended.  Heck, you may even need to stop yourself picking at it as it’s just crying out to be felt!

NOTE ALSO: There is a small patch on the inside of the neck where the glaze did not take properly.  It’s no bigger than a 10p piece and it will in no way affect the usability of the vase.  It can be seen from certain normal viewing angle.  Just so you know!

This piece is glazed in Moroccan Blue.  A lovely deep, rich, vibrant blue glaze which is wonderfully flowy.  As it flows and runs it leaves lots of tiny mottled pools of lighter blue giving the glaze real interest.  You can’t help but pick the piece up for a closer look!  Where the glaze stops flowing, it solidifies in a thick drip ring, or occasionally runny drips.

Height – 134mm
Diameter (widest) – 112mm

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