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Vase 73


A simple yet stylish vase with slightly unexpected (but lovely) proportions!  And a stunner in Moroccan Blue.

Height – 178mm
Diameter at base – 86mm

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Height – 95mm
Diameter at base – 85mm
Diameter at rim – 70mm
Volume (approx) – 320ml

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Espresso/sake cups


Small and perfectly formed. These little cups are perfect for an espresso pick me up or a chill-out with a spirit or sake.

Height – 70mm
Diameter at base – 55mm
Diameter at rim – 45mm
Volume (approx) – 105ml

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Shot glasses


OK, it’s bigger than a standard shot glass, but if you don’t tell, neither will we!!

Height – 60mm
Diameter at base – 50mm
Diameter at rim – 40mm
Volume (approx) – 60ml

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Bowl 13


Height – 110mm
Diameter at base – 87mm
Diameter at rim – 226mm

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Bowl 7


Height – 55mm
Diameter at base – 70mm
Diameter at rim – 164mm

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Bowl 4


Height – 60mm
Diameter at base – 80mm
Diameter at rim – 214mm

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Vase 75


This is a piece that I’ve made in my sessions at The Pot Factory so it’s made from different clay and glazes to my normal work – just as lovely though!!

Height – 165mm
Diameter at base – 65mm
Diameter at rim – 53mm

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